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Can someone help me clarify hippa violations and whatever it would be called if the practice is upcoding?
I started working for a practice in April and I had numerous log ins for numerous websites and I was required to keep all my log ins and passwords in a notebook so everyone could use them. Except our billing software which everyone had their own for. I tried to quit this place and they guilted me into working from home and I had to leave my notebook of passwords there for them to use. I finally quit and they are still using my info on these websites. I know this because while I was working there I had to reset all of them to my info as they were still using previous employees information. I'm wondering if this is a violation.

Also when the main provider/owner comes to me on three separate instances and says to me "we're in trouble if we ever get audited" what am I supposed to do with that? I have no experience with auditing so I didn't know if they are doing something fraudulent or not but I do know that she was referring to Medicare and she was so worried that they actually opted out of Medicare. I also noticed on numerous claims from the past before me they were billing Medicare for things that were absolutely not documented anywhere. I even inquired about some of them. These were all significant enough for me to leave this place and in the two weeks since I've left 3 more people are leaving and another in the next two weeks.
I'm just not sure how to proceed with this. I believe they are violating various regulations but I don't know the regulations well enough or what to even do. Can anyone give me some direction?
If the practice has a compliance officer or one that performs the task of a compliance officer, you should first report the concern to that person. If there is a hotline, you can call that as well.

You can review the OIG Compliance Program for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices

I would also recommend reading about technical safeguards.

Do you best.
Scott Burk, MBA, CPCO