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We recently had a mid level provider leave our office. Prior to her leaving she got a list of all the patients that she had treated while in our office. Well it's now been brought to our atttention by several patients that they're receiving calls from her new office asking them to make appointments with her. My question is is this a HIPPA violation on her part for removing the report from the office? And is it also a violation for having staff at her new office look at the report and contact the patients? Any help would be appreciated ?


True Blue
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This is probably a question that's best directed to your office's attorneys. HIPAA does allow for providers and their staff, as covered entities, to access records for purposes of coordinating or transitioning care but without knowing more of the facts I would recommend against forming an opinion as to whether or not it is appropriate in this particular circumstance. There may be more to this than just privacy laws as it sounds like the provider may be trying to take these patients' business away from your practice. An attorney can review the facts and make the appropriate recommendation to remedy the situation if necessary.