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Does anyone have comments on the pros v cons of hiring & managing the remote coder? Currently seeking a (probable) FT radiology coder - open to the possibility of making this a remote position but curious to know if other smaller practices have ventured into this territory successfully (by 'smaller' I mean specialty-specific, single-company employers). Specifically questioning challenges such as working in different time zones, providing equipment v requiring the employee to provde, providing remote training & coaching, and IT issues such as providing access to applications/programs maintained on local servers (as opposed to internet-based). Appreciate any feedback or links to articles or publications that discuss this topic. Thanks!
Hi Viper,
I have been around remote coders at my current hospital job and my relative has been remote coder for about 8 years. She was provided a laptop, had to do ongoing coding training provided online by employer, about every 4 months, worked a specific time slot each weekday, like 7am to 4 pm, or 8am to 5 pm and signed the remote coding contract. Also remote coder audited every 6 months plus must keep up productivity count of daily claims coded. If problems connecting must contact employer immediately. Also she could use internet bases into their EHR system . At my job all remote and inhouse coders must keep open Microsoft Teams or email for immediate communication from our supervisor. We get meetings using MS teams too

I hope this data helps you.

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