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    Question Hiring & Managing the Remote Coder

    Does anyone have comments on the pros v cons of hiring & managing the remote coder? Currently seeking a (probable) FT radiology coder - open to the possibility of making this a remote position but curious to know if other smaller practices have ventured into this territory successfully (by...
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    Workflow for AMB/SDS facility side

    Hi, I’m just trying to get an idea how everyone’s workflow goes for Ambulatory/Same Day Surgery for facility side? Do you group the same procedures together and code them all at the same time? Or just sort them by DOS and do a different procedure each chart? I’m trying to get ideas on how to...
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    Question Provider to medical coder ratio also Productivity benchmarks for multispecialty coders

    Hello, I am looking for resources to show provider to medical coder ratio in order to put together a business plan on adding additional coding staff, any resources or help would be wonderful. At the same time we are trying to come up with some benchmarks and KPI's for coding staff productivity...
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    Coder Productivity

    Those of you who do physician-based ICD-10 coding, what are your productivity standards for office visits? I'm interested in all info but specifically for Hem/Onc. There are two of us coding for 11 physicians + 2 NPs (more physicians onboarding this summer) and we currently review and code all...
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    Coding Productivity

    Good evening! I am working on a mock proposal for my class but part of the assignment asks us to research coding productivity from different sources. I contacted a coding friend who gave me the required productivity for coders at her facility (IP, Ambulatory, and ER) bit I was curious how this...