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Is there a personal history code for a benign tumor? I have a patient who in addition had a bone scan also was having a follow up of the previous tumor she had.

I am coding from a radiology report which does not identify how this tumor was removed. because there are 2 types of test completed 1 the bone scan and 2 the US of the pelvis to check on this tumor that is no longer there, I need to report 2 codes to cover the 2 tests that were completed for this patient.

for the bone scan which the DX was osteopenia, I have V8281, 733.90 and I have to deal with this US of pelvis and I do not know what to assign!

Thank you! It did not specify if tissue was involved but I made a note of both of these codes! Using 3M is quite challenging to find this stuff!
You would not use the V82.81 for the Bone scan if the patient is already diagnosed with osteopenia. Usually this is a repeat scan due to the drugs and is coded as a V58.83 and V58.69, there is a Coding Clinic refernce for this which if you are using 3M you should be able to pull this up.