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Can anyone help me on this case. I have looked everywhere and only thing I can find close for diagnosis of " history of previous reduction mammoplasty" is V50.1. I do not want to use it as it will not pay and this was not for cosmetic purposes.

Postop Diagnoses:
1. Cervical and thoracic arthralgia ( 719.41), macromastia, ( 611.1), history of previous reduction mammoplasty (???)

Procedure: Secondary bilateral reduction mammoplasty, extended ( 19318 )

Indications: the patient is a 38-year-old multigravida female who underwent initial reduction mammoplasty as a late teenager, early adult, who now has chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, secondary to heavy breasts.

Should I code the "history of reduction" diagnosis and if so what code would I use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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