Hospice Codes !!!

Rawalpindi, Punjab
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Hi everyone

I'm looking for exact usage of new temporary codes for hospice services;

Q5006 Hospice care provided in inpatient hospice facility
Q5010 Hospice home care provided in a hospice facility
Q5005 Hospice care provided in inpatient hospital
Q5004 Hospice care provided in skilled nursing facility (SNF)
Q5007 Hospice care provided in long-term care facility
Q5008 Hospice care provided in inpatient psychiatric facility
Q5002 Hospice or home health care provided in assisted living facility
Q5009 Hospice or home health care provided in place not otherwise specified (NOS)
Q5001 Hospice or home health care provided in patient's home/residence

i'm aware of hospice modifiers GV & GW and their usage, but few of my providers are asking about specific CPT/HCPCS codes for Hospice services, and the above code set is really confusing, where to use these codes.

your opinion will be highly valuable and appreciated.

Arsi, CPC


Henderson, AR
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I only use a few of those but I get paid for the ones that I do.
Q5001 is for Routine Home Care
Q5003 is for Routine Hospice Care in a Nursing Home Setting
Q5006 is for any care in an inpatient Hospice facility. We have three different levels of care with three different revenue codes to differentiate them.
I don't Q5010 or Q5005 for anything Medicare related.
Although, if you bill Blue Cross Blue Shield in Arkansas, the code for Routine Home Care is S9126. They also require the HCPCS Q5010 for Respite care at an inpatient facility.