hospital admissions.


Saginaw, Michigan
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I currently bill for a group of hospitalist and they poised a question to me, that I"m looking for an answer too. The question is "if an OB pt is admitted to the hospital for something other then labor and delivery the OB Dr should be able to bill for this outside of the "routine coding", is this correct. We are asking this as, the OB's who utilize our facility are relunctant to admit pt's stating they can't bill for it. However our hospitalist don't feel comfortable treating a pt who is pregnant with issues complicating it. Can anyone advise.

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I bill for a few OBGYN's and we always bill for hospital care other then labor and delivery. If they are at the hospital then it is probably a "problem" visit and if they are admitted then they are definately there for an issue that is complicating the pregnancy which is billable outside of the global fee. Just make sure you have notes in the patients chart in case the carrier asks for them, but we usually don't have a problem getting paid.