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I work for an FQHC facility in Alcona County, MI. At times our providers see patients in the office and determine that the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. The provider does the hospital H&P in the office and sends the patient to the hospital for a direct admit. The provider at the office does all the admit paperwork, dictates the H&P for the hospital and a copy of that documentation is on file at the hospital AND in the patient chart in our office.

I know that when a provider from one group sees a patient in the office and sends the patient to the hospital to be admitted and the patient is admitted by a physician from the same group, we can only charge for the admit.

My question is....can we use hospital admit codes 99221-99223 along with the hospital facility code, even though the provider did not physically go to the hospital to do the admit? We recently billed the hospital admit code using our office as the facility and the claim was rejected due to place of service being inconsistent with the procedure code.

I am stumped.