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when a doctor 'signs off' on a patient in the hospital, is it appropriate to code a level 3? we have a new, young dr. that has started out seeing the hospital pts. i have checked the hospital records to see if one of our other drs have seen this pt, but there's no notes from our docs. i read this dr's note & there isn't anything stating he saw the pt. looks like he just reviewed the vitals for that day.
we do have another cardiologist in our building that rents his office space. he has his own tax id# and pt. base. now THIS dr. has been following the patient in the hospital.
i need to find out exactly how to handle this so i can educate him before i start charging for stuff i shouldn't be.
You would need to post the report to see if the documentation supports a level 3 and the physician would need to see the patient face to face in order to bill an E&M.