Wiki How can I bill for discarded drugs

Bronx, NY
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Our practice uses a drug called Novantrone which is a multi-use drug. I need to know with this drug in particular, can we bill for the discraded portion of the drug using the JW modifier? Each vial is 20mg, we infused the patient with 29mg which leaves 11mg to discard. Some articals say you can not bill the discarded portion of a multi-use drug, and some articals say you can with the JW modifier.



Salena B.
When we were billing for botox, we would provide the amount of the discarded drug on a second line with the modifier JW. You might want to call the carrier and ask if they have a policy regarding how they want it documented. ---Suzanne E. Byrum CPC
We bill the discarded amount on a second line with the JW modifier and we are being reimbursed appropriately by all payers. But I agree with ollielooya, check with your contracted payers to inquire as how the want it billed, it will eliminate the run around and frustration of denials and corrected claims.