Wiki How Should FFR-CT be billed?

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I have seen in another post where someone asked about billing for FFR-CT and the response was to use cpt 93571. The problem with this FFR code is that it is using a Doppler transducer. The FFR-CT is more of a 3D image reconstructed from a base CT or CCTA (Coronary CTA).

Reference from 2014 Imaging Technology News.
"The Heart Flow FFR-CT software is housed at HeartFlow Inc.’s headquarters in Redwood City, Calif. A
healthcare professional electronically sends the patient’s CT scan data to HeartFlow where a case
analyst creates 3-D computer models of different sections of the patient’s heart and runs a blood flow
simulator program on the models. After analyzing the data and the models, the case analyst
electronically sends a report with the estimated FFR-CT values displayed as color images of the
patient’s heart."

Should FF-CT be coded as an add-on 3D Reconstruction? Does anyone know how this is properly coded? Thanks.