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I am currently a medical assistant with a CPC-A credential and have a little dilemma in regards to a recent office visit. A patient was seen for consult in the office of which required extensive counseling and subsequently required the patient to have to come on another date to finish the consult. Which would be the proper way to code the visits? Should we code the initial day a no charge and then code the subsequent visit the level 5 consult with the appropriate "prolonged services" code according to the total time documented, or code the intial date a lower consult code and the subsequent visit an established patient code?

My gut tell because the subsequent visit is not technically a "follow up" visit, but rather a conclusion of the consult, coding the subsequent visit with the appropriate prolonged service code would be the way to go, but out assigned CPC in our department believes assigning a consult code the initial date and then an established patient code for the conclusion of the consult. Any advice out there?
Each date of service coded separately

Each date of service is coded separately. Code the appropriate level E/M (new patient or consultation) for the first visit. Code an established patient visit - level per documentation - for the second visit.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC