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I have a patient who received chemo. He did fine with the initial drug but reacted to the 2nd drug. Infusion was stopped, the patient began to feel better and the drug was initiated again. He reacted again and it was stopped for good.

How do I code this? I thought maybe there was a discontinued infusion due to reaction code but can't find one. Do I code the 96417 with a 53 modifier? Can I not even code for the discontinued infusion? Help!
If you are in a outpatient or short stay setting you don't need to add 53 modifier. The 96417 is right then 96415 will be added if you have more than 1 hour
start & stop times

carbo was started 1205 stopped 1305 (no problems with the carbo). 96413

etoposide was started 1310. the patient reacted and it was stopped at 1314.
It was started again at 1350. the patient reacted and it was stopped at 1351.