Wiki How to Increase Odds of Remote Coding Position?


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Hello Everyone,

I could use some advice from those that have experience with remote coding. I would like to increase my odds of obtaining a remote coding position but I'm unsure which credential would be the best option COC or CIC. I have been a CPC for nearly 4 years and a CPB since June 2014. I work for a small physicians practice as the primary billing specialist for 5 years now and coder for nearly 4. I would like to pursue further work as a part-time remote coder. From the research I have done most remote work is hospital inpatient or outpatient coding and I would like to take one of AAPC's courses to familiarize myself with the differences in coding and get certified as either a COC or CIC.

Anyone have any recommendations on which would be the best option to pursue?

Thank you for your time,
I'd maybe try studying for the CCS through AHMA as its more recognized for facilities than AAPC credentials. Obviously don't get rid of your AAPC credentials, look to AHMA as diversifying. The other area that has a lot of remote is HCC aka Risk Adjustment but seems they either hire experienced risk Adjustment people or brand new CPC-A so i'm not completely sure what they do with experienced non-HCC coders or if you are treated as entry level.