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how would you bill this?...Help! please! I really need some answers..

If my doctor does an E&M then decides an in office procedure needs to be done what would you code first, the E&M or the procedure? Or would you code the highest fee first? Example: the E&M is a 99213 and the then doctor decided a 10081 needed to be done, would you bill it in this order: 10081 then 99213-25 or 99215-25 then 10081....or bill first which ever fee is higher, becasue of the reduction in the insurance payment or does it not matter when it comes to E&M codes with minor procedures done on the same day?
Thank you everyone who has helped!!
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As a general claim format, we bill E/M charges on the first line. However, it should not affect payment whether it is on the first line or last line. The multiple procedure reductions apply to procedures, not E/M charges. Quite often, I have to add a missed E/M charge which I find in an audit. It gets reported on the last line, but pays correctly.

Bill Hale, CPC