Port Charlotte, FL
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Can anyone tell me what dx they use for HPV vaccine? I can't gt Medicaid to cover any dx I give them and then pt is within the guidelines. Thanks
We use V04.89 - and of course we add the .SL modifier on the 90649 - (it's a free vaccine/ state supplied).
{that's my opinion on the posted matter}
is it state supplied? (like ours - MN). if so, it's "free" and needs the .SL modifier on it -
what's the denial reason?
I'd say no - not V05.9 - that's for a "single" disease - HPV helps protect against 4 different types of HPV.
I say V04.89 is correct - we've never had a problem with it. but again, for Medicaid & PMAP's it's free - so we don't get paid because the State provides the immunization. For regular insurances we don't have a problem.
{that's my opinion on the posted matter}
actually looking at the claim again, i had already used v05. anyway. I agree w/ v04.89. since we get paid for it, i'll appeal. this is why i hate OB
also we had to send in the pharmacy invoice for the drug itself at the beginning. If you can get one I would suggest making copies and trying to send that in with it.