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springfield, MO
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We've always billed bilateral foot xrays to Humana with a 50 modifier, but just in the last month they have started denying them saying: The procedure code is inconsistent with the modifier used or a required modifier is missing.

Does anyone know if they have decided they want them separated into RT and LT? I can't keep up with all the different ways payers want bilateral procedures billed. Grrrrr.
we do mammograms and yes its a challenge. medicare, Medicaid and a medicare hmo which I forgot which one do not pay -lt, -rt but will pay for -50. now champva does not pay either -50 or -lt, -rt. we are trying to figure out how how bill with -50 or -lt, -rt depending on insurance. it is crazy and time consuming. humana to my understanding do pay with -50 or -lt, -rt.