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Hi all.

I've been looking at the posts regarding the coding of the history of carcinoma in situ. While I understand that a malignancy is a malignancy, and I understand that a condition no longer present and no longer being treated is "history of", the range of condition codes that are specified in ICD-9-CM would seem to exclude a previous "in situ" diagnosis from the "history of" codes.
Is there an authoritative reference that says the codes from V10 really do apply to carcinoma in situ as well?

No reference that I can think of, we always used the V10 codes in the cancer center for HX of insitu and always questioned whether we should. I do not recall if there is a coding clinic reference for this but look in your code book, if there is an AHA notation with the insitu codes you can look those up to see what coding clinics have to say if anything. They would be the definitive reference if there is any. Insitu is a malignancy caught very early and removal is ultimate therapy and it immediately is hx of so perhaps the dx code itself is enough to go by.