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If a patient is getting hydrations from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm and they also got an IVP of Zofran @ 12:16 and an injection of Phenagan @ 12:37 would you still get that hydration,
96374, 96375 and 96361?

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The push would be your initial 96374 and then your hydration 96361 and injection 96372. You may need a 59 modifier on the 96372 depending on payor. You have to follow the hierarchy not the time. Hope this helps. :)
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Great! That is what I thought the second drug was also an IVP but I didn't clarify that. I know with infusions you can't charge a hydration while another Infusion is going and then I got to thinking about the IVP's.

Thanks so much for your help :D

If the Phenagan was given as an IVP rather than an injection, I would code the following:

96374- Intial push of Zofran
96375- Squential push of Phenagan
96361- Hydration

Hope that Helps !