Hydration or Therapeutic Administration Question?


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Hello. I have a question in regards to hydration and infusion coding.

Here's the scenario:

Patient came into the ED with abdominal pain and had developed nausea and vomiting. The MAR states "Dextrose 5%-0.45% NaCL 1000 mL + 20 mEq KCL Intravenous at 125 ml/hr." Would this be coded as hydration or as a therapeutic infusion? Usually when I see "vomiting" in the medical record, I automatically think hydration, but with potassium and dextrose --- would this be therapeutic? So confused! Thanks for your help!
I am not familiar with ER billing but I can tell you that when billing under the physician the only time it is billed as hydration therapy is when the saline is the only thing provided (only what is in the prepackaged "fluid" bags). When you add anything to it, like KCL it becomes therapeutic.

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