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Millport, AL
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Our PA did an I & D (code 10060) with a diagnosis Abscess of Finger (681.00). Medicare has denied for CO-11 inconsistent w/the procedure. I also tried the other codes we had (686.9 and 915.6), none of which has worked. Please help... :(

Thank you
cpt 26010

Would CPT 26010 or 26011 fit the procedure that was documented?

Encoder Pro lists the lay descriptions as follows:
The physician drains an abscess located in a finger. In 26010, the physician lances an abscess located in the cutaneous tissue of a finger. In 26011, the abscess just reaches deep subcutaneous tissue and requires debridement and irrigation. The wound may be left open to drain.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M