I&D Deep Space Infection in Hand


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Operation Performed: I&D Right hand deep space infection

Description: Patient prepped & draped in usual sterile fashion after general anesthesia was administered. The arm was elevated and the tourniquet inflated to 250 mmHg. An extended carpal tunnel incision was made. This was from the mid palm down to the wrist flexion crease crossing at an angle and then extending up the distal forearm. This was carried through the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the palmar fascia. There was noted to be some serous edematous fluid. The palmer ligament was incised and there was noted to be sural purulent material approximately 5 to 8 mL. This was bathing the flexor tendons and median nerve. Further exploration was undertaken of the deep spaces of the hand, thumb, hypothenar eminence and Gerota's space. There were no other additional points of purulence. Wound was copiously irrigated with saline solution and bulb syringe. Irrisept was also placed into the wound for total of 3 minutes The wound was once again irrigated and then the skin edges were approximated with nylon suture. The usual dressing was applied.......