I don't evern know where to begin....


Kula, HI
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Diagnosis: esophageal cancer

Procedure List: mesenteric lymphadenectomy, mobilization of the gastroesophageal junction, left gastric lymphadenectomy, Kocher maneuver, pyloroplasty, gastric tube formation & feeding jejunostomy placement.

I don't even know where to begin with all this...does anyone have an idea as to where to start?

Missing a lot of important information and not sure what the esophageal cancer has to do with the pylorus. I'd get some clarification. Was there a lesion in the stomach? Was Dr working with another Dr that was doing something else?

Start with a gastrectomy 43610's or 43631's depending on how much of the stomach was taken and if connected to Duod/Jejun/Roux-n-y. Mod -22 on the main procedure or 38999 for the Lymphadenctomy. 44015 for the -ostomy. The rest in incidental to the more extensive procedures.