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Scotland, Connecticut
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I would like to have a book with different insurance plans and companies with their coverage for in and out of network chiropractic services. I understand that there is so many plans and insurances but if someone already created something like that, please let me know. I really appreciate your help!
This is a very site specific request. Or at least very state specific! While third party payers may share similarities across different plans, they are often different for each employer, locality or geographic area. As an example, we have three or four local employers that provide UHC for its employees. Each plan is different. One company even offers different options at different costs. Your best bet is to start gathering your own information. It seems like a large task, but once you start, it isn't so bad.

Start with the LCD from your local MAC. Then get a login and password from your biggest payer. Then you can look up benefits. Do the same with your next biggest payer, etc.

Even if someone had a book to share with you the information would be constantly changing. BXBS seems to update contractual payments in August. Network and United Health Care in January, etc.

Good luck!