I need help again Obviously I dont have my brain On......


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Blepharoplasty of left upper eyelid due to ptosis. Assign the appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes.

CPT codes: 15823

ICD-9-CM code: 374.30

I am hasving trouble all around I guess lol I cant figure this one out either.... I am taking the cpc exam and I am having trouble studing for it. Can NOT figure this one out either Please help this stuff is hard to learn on you own lol.....I have ready the book there are no hits to what I am doing wrong in the code book it its says that excatly so I am so confused .....Maybe some one that is a lot wise then I can help.......:D
Hi again, due to an illness am hanging around the forums and saw your call for help AGAIN. Very carefully check out your CPT codes. According to my handbook on description of procedures you might want to carefully check out the 15823 you have chosen and compare to 1582x. And what about a modifier for the CPT code you choose? Upper eyelid, but which one? These are just my thoughts. Others may pass by and give you a definitive answer, but take a new look at your choices!

Studying on your own can be difficult and since a lot of us have been there and done that, we understand what you're going through!
I am brand new at coding, but I am taking an online internship which may or may not be a good thing.

!5822 is Blepharoplasty, upper eyelid

15823 is Blepharoplasty with excessive skin weighing down lid.

I believe that the medical record would have to document excessive skin for you to use 15823.

The modifier would be E1.