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What code will I use for:

Split thickness skin graft. Donor site anterolateral right thigh. Recipient sight is tibial wound at the right mid tibia and anterior area.

I am looking in the CPT book under Surgery/Integumentary System. Codes 15002- 15005 am I in the right section?

Please help. :confused:
Hi! I'm brand new to AAPC, and I haven't even found my first job yet. Graduated NRCCS last March. However, I've spent over 20 years in the medical field and 6 years as a Navy Corpsman. Your question was something I ran across last night while I did some CEU work in the Feb. 2012 Coding Edge. I guess you are needing to code the total procedure; prep of tibial site, skin graft, and closure at donor site. Make sure you read the guidelines on Skin Replacement Surgery in the CPT.

The first thing I can tell you is the codes 15002 to 15005 are from the Skin Replacement Surgery and Skin Substitutes; subheading, Surgical Prep. These codes are used for initial site wound prep. leaving an open wound requiring a skin graft. Next, check the code 15100; which is the graft code for legs, first 100 sq. cm.

I hope this helps. If I've stated anything incorrectly, I'm sure someone with more experience will jump in and lead you in the right direction. Good luck!