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Hey everyone my name is Andy Bohache, I am new to AAPC I would like to say hi and hope everyone's doing alright. I have recently passed my CPC exam in September and have been applying everywhere I can to get my foot in the door. So far I haven't come across anything. I was just wondering what my next step should be. Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you everyone have a good one.
Welcome Andy. Congratulations on passing the CPC Exam.

What kinds of jobs have you been applying for? To get your 'foot in the door', sometimes you have to take a position that is not necessarily a coding job, and then let your employer know that you are interested in coding. Some organizations do hire brand-new coders; this is more likely in a larger organization who can afford to train new staff. Also, make sure that you are applying for coding positions for physicians.....your credential won't open doors in a hospital, where they typically expect AHIMA credentialed coders--unless the hospital employs physicians and uses coders in that way. There are some remote positions available for brand new coders, but often it's contract work and short-term. If you are on Facebook, there are a number of Coding companies with FB pages, who often post job opportunities. Finally, get yourself onto LinkedIn.

Most importantly, make sure you attend and participate in your Local AAPC Chapter. You will have been assigned a chapter when you became an AAPC member, and the meeting information is available to you on this website. I've hired many coders through meeting them at chapter meetings and other networking opportunities. Job postings are announced at those meetings, and in the chapter newsletters, so take advantage and introduce yourself.

Hope this has been helpful. Good luck.