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Hello everyone!
I'm hoping someone can help me out with this - I have a case that the diagnosis is "T-lymphoblastic leukemia". I used "C91.00" (acute lymphoblastic leukemia not having achieved remission) but for some reason, that code was kicked stating that it was not a usable code (I'm not sure why as it's in the book but who knows) - so the next closest code I could find was "C91.50" (adult T-cell lymphoma/leukemia (HTLV-1 associated) not having achieved remission) - what has me thrown is the "HTLV-1 associated" - I'm not seeing anything like that in the body of the report - unfortunately the pathologist who signed out the case is gone on vacation so I can't ask him . .. Any thoughts if this is a usable code for this particular case or if there is something else better?

** UPDATE ** The pathologist just answered me back (yaaa for technology and getting messages on your phone lol) and this is what he stated "No adult t-cell leukemia/lymphoma is different. I'm surprised there's no t- lymphoblastic leukemia. It might be listed as t-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia but that is older terminology." So any thoughts? I'm kinda stumped here ...

** UPDATE #2 ** Well, this is turning into a long post lol! But after going back through the codes again, the only one I could find that would work was "C95.90" (Leukemia, unspecified, not having achieved remission) - I'll use this code if no one else has a better one?
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Yeah, that's the one I had originally used but it's getting kicked stating that the code is no longer usable
So after much deliberation and searching, we went ahead and used "C94.80" (other specified leukemias, not having achieved remission) - but I'm open to any other thoughts anyone might have. . .