ICD 10 for phlegmon of the spine


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Phlegmon is a medical term describing an inflammation of soft tissue that spreads under the skin or inside the body. It’s usually caused by an infection and produces pus. The name phlegmon comes from the Greek word phlegmone, meaning inflammation or swelling. Phlegmon can affect internal organs such as your tonsils or appendix, or can be under your skin, anywhere from your fingers to your feet. Phlegmon can spread rapidly. In some cases, phlegmon can be life-threatening.

The difference between phlegmon and abscess is as follows:​

  • A phlegmon is unbounded and can keep spreading out along connective tissue and muscle fiber.
  • An abscess is walled in and confined to the area of infection.


By definition, it is soft tissue, not bone. Spine is bone.

There are a lot of codes for inflammation of the spinal cord or spinal canal; it sounds like you need more information to code accurately.