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I'm trying to get a grip on ICD-10 diagnosis codes. is there a website that can help me find a specific ICD-10 code? Thanks..
icd 10

You can purchase a copy of the icd 10 draft thru many vendors that carry icd 9 books. I have a copy and my place of business purchased Principles of icd 10 coding, which although they don't count for CEU's is a very good text with questions at the end of each chapter.
If you have a smart phone, there is a FIND-A-CODE app that crosswalks the ICD9 code to the ICD10 code. It's handy because you can see both codesets without going crazy trying to cross reference.
Another ICD-10 web site

The full set of ICD-10 codes for 2012 is on Actually, the full set of ICD-9 us at I've checked both sites, and they are the real codes. Very helpful sites, in addition to the WHO site.