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Hello, I'm trying to code a overdose of Trazodone Hydrochloride, but this particular drug is not listed in the drug and chemical table where I can access the poisoning number and proper E-code. The ICD-9 book does speak of an American Hospital Formulary Service as a possible source for information on unlisted drugs, but I was not able to find this drug through a search of the AHFS website. Any suggestions on how to locate this information would be appreciated. Thank you!
I'd like to hear what others do in these cases as well...

When I have a drug that I can't find in the chemical table either by brand or generic name, I research what kind of drug it is.
From doing a search on trazadone hydrochloride I found it was an anti-depressant. I then went to the table and looked under "antidepressants" and saw that there were several options based on what type of antidepressant - back to my search and found it was a tetracyclic antidepressant.
So I would pick 969.04

I'd love to hear what others do/come up with :)