Wiki ICD-9 help -- disc bulges, annular tears

Mary Baierl

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I am in limbo on these two diagnoses and have heard differing opinions.

How do you code disc bulges? I have used 722.10 for lumbar for a long time but have heard this may not be correct.

Also, how do you code annular tears? I have no clue on this one. :confused:

Thank you
Mary Baierl, CPC, CCA, CMT
ICD help for anular tear/bulging disc

We use 722.2 for either of those. It is an unspecified code, but I donot know of another that is more specific to describea not-quite-herniated disc!
Hope that helps a bit.
We use 722.10 for the buldging, the annular depends on the diagnosis but you can usr strain codes...
Disk bulging

722.9x codes states "Other and Unspecified" which you want to stay away from those kind of codes.

722xx codes are used for Displacements of the spine. When a report lists "extrusion", "bulging", and "protrusion" then those are the codes to choose which area of the spine.:)