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Selma, CA
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I have sudenly received alot of denials stating that MC only accepts the first 4 DX codes as pointers. Has anyone heard of this? What should I do if I need all my Dx?

I for some reason think this is a clearing house issue but I would appreciate any feed back.

We no longer bill on paper claims, but our system allows more than 4. When I bill other carriers that have more Procedures or Dx (than lines avalable on claim form) it prints 2 pgs.

Thanks for your imput
clearing house/software issue

We have had this same issue come up. It is more of a clearinghouse/software issue than medicare. Yes, there are only 4 places for dx but we have been able to leave some off and add others for different cpts. Now we have to separate them off of original claim to get them sent out. Talk to your clearinghouse and software providers and see what they can suggest.