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Has anybody heard if they are updating icd-9 this year? I heard no updates because of ICD-10. But ICD-10 has been post poned so any updates on ICD-9? Should we order a new book?
There are no updates for ICD-9 CM for 2013. ICD-10 CM has not been postponed as of this date . As of June 14 the implementation of ICD-10 CM is still October 1, 2013. The proposal to delay is still being evaluated and no decision has been reached to extend that date.
no it has not been ruled on yet the official implementation date is still Oct 1 2013. The 30 day discussion period ended June 1. on June 14 an announcement was published indicating they would review the responses as quickly as possible inorder to determine if they needed to amend the final ruling for the implementation date. But as of June 14 the date was still Oct 1 2013.