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Does anyone know what ICD codes can be used for a Juviderm/Botox consult?
If I understand your question, you can bill the new or established office visit codes for the initial consultation and then the codes for the injection and Juviderm. Most of the time this will not be covered by insurance since it is considered cosmetic. Make sure the dx code identifies the most accurate reason for the medical necessity if submitting to insurance.
If you are wanting the ICD code then you want the dx code, the dx code will depend on the providers documentation as to the PATIENT'S diagnosis necessitating the procedure

So do you have any examples of ICD codes that are related to Juviderm injections? I know wht CPT codes to use but what about the DX codes?
Consult code

We did not bill yet, we were just curious what to use. But she does have wrinkling of the skin, I got that code. Thanks..
secondary diagnosis

If the procedure is strictly cosmetic we will also add V50.8 (elective surgery for purposes other than remedying health states, other) as an additional diagnosis.