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Hi, I have a question with regard to the ICD evaluation codes 93282-93284. CPT defines them as being assigned based on single, dual or multi-lead system, but our cardiologist indicates she was taught (previously) to code based only on the leads that are actively being used. For this patient, she "turned off" the LV lead, so although we have a multi-lead system, only two leads were evaluated, even thought the device does an impedence for all three leads.

Thoughts? Should we bill the 92383 (dual lead) or 92384 (multi lead)?
You should bill by system patient has: single, dual or multiple-lead. When you read those codes they state, "single lead implantable cardioverter-defibrillator system, or dual lead....system and ect."

You can bill for leads if you need to repair them as in 33218/33220 OR if physician is inserting leads as in 33216/33217. As a couple of examples.