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Could anyone tell me if it is appropriate to assign 96.52 twice when cerumen disimpaction is performed in both the ears?

ICD procedures a lot confusing with no specific guidelines to guide...Would be helpful if anyone could help solve this ICD procedure confusions!!

Thanks in advance!
ICD 9 procedure

Yes, it is appropriate to list this twice, since it was performed on both sides of the body and the code description does not say bilateral, which it does with some procedures.
I agree, Faye Brown's ICD text instructs the coder to list a code twice if performed bilaterally. However, specific reporting instructions on the UB may prevent some hospitals from submitting in that manner. I know there is one claim scrubber/encoder product that will not accept the same ICD PX reported twice.

There are guidelines for ICD procedures, they just happen to be located outside the ICD manual--as best I can tell. I always write those instructions in my manual every year.