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Can someone tell me if I have the right code for this procedure please? I chose 44626 and I didn't bill for the sigmoidoscopy because I wasn't sure I could...

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Digital rectal exam was performed. The flexible endoscope was inserted and driven out through the anastomosis and into the descending colon. The anastomosis was widely patent and is without evidence of any narrowing or stricture after the previous dilation. The scope was withdrawn.

The patient was positioned in supine position and the ileostomy was over sewn to prevent leakage and continuation of the field. The abdomen was then prepped and draped sterilely. An incision was made around the ileostomy site. Dissection alond the bowel wall with sharp dissection was completed to free the bowels up down inside the fascia. Once they wre freely mobile, the afferent and efferent limbs of the ileostomy were approximated with interrupted 3-0 silk. Enterotomy was made on either side. A GIA stapler was fired to create a common enterotomy. The underlying mesentery was divided with the harmonic scalpel and the anastomosis was completed and the small bowel, which was used to create the ostomy was resected with GIA stapler. The end staple line was over sewn for added security. The anastomosis was patent. the mesenteric defect was closed and reduced into the abdomen and the fascia was closed.