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The surgeon grafts a segment of SVG from one distal cardiac artery to another distal artery. He then grafts the IMA into the center of the SVG graft (end-to-side anastomosis). The IMA now provides the blood supply to the distal arteries. He describes the procedure as CABG x 2.

Any thoughts on coding this? One arterial grafts? with one vein graft?
Thoughts? Ideas?
I think coding for one arterial graft [33533] and one saphenous vein graft [33517] is an accurate report of the work performed by the surgeon. After harvest, a SVG is sutured at two locations. It makes no difference if the locations are two coronary arteries or a coronary artery and the ascending aorta. An arterial graft is left connected at one end to the arm artery from which it originates and then sutured at the other end. Again, it makes no difference if it is sutured to a coronary artery or, as in this case, to a SVG.

I agree the correct codes are:
33533 for the arterial graft
33517 for the venous graft