In utero services


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I have a general question regarding in utero services.

I understand from a previous post that the consult/visit would be billed under mom. But I am curious about the service/procedure itself. For example surgical repair of spina bifida in utero.

Does this get billed under mom (seeing as the baby would not be added to an insurance plan) with the CPT/ICD-9 denoting it was an in utero service?

I am coding this for the first time and we are billing it under the mom. The baby will not be in the system till after birth so I cannot see how you would bill it otherwise.
you will find the codes for the dx in chapter 11 for pregnancy with fetal abnormality. you chose the correct surgical code for in utero surgery and bill under mom always until you have a baby outside the uterus that is detached from the umbilical cord.