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Hi folks. Hope you can help me out with some incident to info. I have an NP and a supervising physician that work together. They each have their own schedules. The supervising physician and the NP both always sign the progress note for each patient the NP sees.

What I'm trying to figure out is which provider to list in which field(s) (billing, rendering, supervising)

If it is an incident to encounter do I list the supervising physician in all three fields like below?:
Billing: Dr Supervising Physician
Rendering: Dr Supervising Physician
Supervising: Dr Supervising Physician

Or should the NP be the rendering physician?

Thanks in advance! :D
For an incident to encounter, if you are referring to the HCFA form, then the NP would be listed in box 24J as the rendering provider with any appropriate modifiers. The physician would be listed in box 31/33 for responsible/billing provider.
For an incident to claim , you put the physician that originally examined the patient for the same diagnosis (and wrote the plan of care) in box 17, as the ordering provider. In box 24J you use the NPI of the provider that is physically within the office at the time of the service (must be in the same specialty). the NP NPI does not appear on the claim at all for incident to billing. If the service does not meet the incident to parameters then you would use the NP in field 17 and in field 24J. If the physician referred the patient to the NP then the physician goes in 17 and the NP in 24J.