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For incident to services, how often does a physician need to see his/her patients after the initial treatment plan has been made? Can the PA see the patient until a new problem develops? Medicare's web site states "subsequent services by the physician of a frequency that reflects the physician's continuing active participation in and management of course of treatment". How often is that? Where can I find documentation of that information?

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Not sure if this will help but I have been billing medicare in an ortho office for 9 years, we have never had a problem getting paid by medicare so long as the doctor and PA were contracted no matter how many times the patient came in self referred or on follow up.
You should check your local state laws... if the state law isn't specific, then the physician may determine the terms of the ongoing active participation.
In Virginia, the law says that a physician has to see the patient:
1. if the pt returns for the same compliant twice, without improvement OR
2. about every fourth visit