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Thanks to anyone who can help!
I am coding for a OB patient who has thrombophelia and a history of stroke.
I need a CPT code for a Inferior Vena Cava Filter. I have the HCPCS code
C1880, is there a CPT code to use with C1880 or do I just use the HCPCS code alone?

I think it is a little bit more complicated than that. I don't know about the HCPCS b/c I work for an IR that uses the procedure codes. Do you have the report? Is your dr performing the placement?
Hi rKennedy,
Our cardiologist puts these filtes in for our bariatric patients that are high risk. I use 37620 for these procedures. If they use a guidewire you may also add 36010 with modifier 51.
Typically, these are coded as follows:

36010 - Catheterization of the IVC (can't place a filter without placing a catheter)
37620 - Placement of IVC filter
75825-59 Diagnostic IVC venography (can't code unless a true diagnostic IVCgram is performed; if done just to lay out anatomy for filter placement do not code)
75940 - RS&I for placement of IVC filter (fluoro guidance, contrast injections, etc)
s/p inferior vena cava filter placement

Does anyone know what ICD code would be used?

Thanks in Advance for any help

Maria Gonzales, CPC
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Insertion Vena Cava Filter

37191 Insertion of intravascular vena cava filter....