infrared coagulation for Condyloma or lesions


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My Dr decided to treat a well known patient with years of condyloma today with infrared Coagulation. The only Infrared Coag code is for Hemorrhoids but if you google there is many.... articles that states IRC is FDA approved for treating AIN, VIN, LSIL, HSIL, condyloma, pre mal lesions etc..... but I cant find anything that would be used for that besides the 46930 (which states destruction of internal hemorrhoids) Any suggestions?

Consent was obtained. The procedure and risks were explained in detail. Questions were encouraged and answered.

1% lidocaine with epinephrine, 1 to 2 mL was injected into the skin for numbing.

A single premalignant lesion on the RA was destroyed. In addition, 2 premalignant lesions on the Left lateral genital crease were destroyed.

Today, 3 benign lesion(s) located on the anus were destroyed with infrared coagulation.

Comments: The 3 lesions were injected with lidocaine 1% and Marcaine 0.5% prior to the use of infared cauterization at setting of 2.0 to each of the 3 anogential condyloma. Patient tolerated this procedure well..