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I need guidance, please. What are general thoughts regarding using new bag time as a stop time for previous infusion? I am being told that when it is documented that a new bag was started, that will count as the stop time for the old bag. I don't agree with this. My thoughts are that you have no way on knowing for sure when the first bag stopped, just because there is a new bag, doesn't necessarily mean that the first bag was stopped at that time. I personally have been in the hospital with someone when the bag has run dry and it has been 30 minutes or so before the new bag was started due to when the nurse actually comes in the room.
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At my facility we do not accept "New Bag" as a stop time. If we have a therapeutic infusion running continuously the nurses are still required to tell us what time the last bag stopped. If they don't we consider it a push instead of an infusion. We can't assume that the full bag infused without that stop time.