Wiki Injection Fee Opinions Please


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A few years ago I was told that it wasn't cool to add an injection fee (96372) to an office visit when the medication injected was directly related to the reason/dx for the visit; that it was unbundling (i.e., the patient comes in for bronchitis and is given Rocephin). We do use the injection fee if a patient normally receives ongoing B12 or testosterone, and has a visit (with -25 added), for a condition unrelated to the injection given, or when the patient comes in only for an injection.
Now I've been hearing to add 96372 anytime there is an injection and add -25 to the E/M. That doesn't sound "significant and separately identifiable" to me, or am I over-analyzing this whole thing? It would be great to be able to get a few more $$ since they allow practically nothing for the meds.