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If the Dr. does an injection during the post op period using the same dx as the procedure, would a mod 78 be appended to the injection code?
What is the dx, what was the procedure, and what is the injection for?

This was the OV:
__________ returns today. She is only six weeks from the carpal tunnel. Her median nerve is doing beautifully. Unfortunately it’s her ulnar nerve at the Guyon’s canal that’s irritating her. In fact, when we test her with point discrimination testing she is really more numb on the ulnar side of the ring finger, and less so into the small. It could be just the distal branch at Guyon’s canal.

I’m going to go ahead and get a nerve study just to make sure we’re not missing an entrapped nerve at the wrist. Before doing so, I recommend that we just try a little ultrasound guided injection with 40 mg of methylprednisolone which I’ve done for her today, but just to the ulnar side of the carpal tunnel. Post injection I recommended a little ice and elevation. I’ve given her a few pain medicines, as well as a topical.

We are planning to see her again in three weeks. If the injection gives her excellent symptomatic relief then we won’t have to ascertain the nerve study.

The surgery was for Right Carpal Tunnel - Procedure was Median nerve decompression, Right wrist.

Sorry for the long post. Thank you for you help