InPatient Lithotripsy Questions


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I have very little exposure to IP coding as opposed to OP coding so I am somewhat confused by this particular Provider billing of the following

Cysto W/ Uret
Cysto W/ Uret
Inj for retro for
Cysto on for
Lasertripsey S
Indwelling st
Indwelling st
Dilitation of M

While I realize that the list above is very confusing due to the shorthand - it is what I am seeing as well with the exception of the pricing they have included for EACH procedure.

Having coded OP I was under the impression that the Cystourethroscopy w/Urethroscopy and w/lithotripsy fell under ONE code and the Cath was also included.

Is there something different if the procedures are done on an In-Patient basis that would allow every single procedure to be billed separately??

The stents are included in code 52353 (the code I would use for OP)

The dilation would be included as a part of the procedure. Is that different for IP??

I would code this OP as

I am unsure what to do about the term Lasertripsy.

What Revenue Codes would be the most appropraite for this??
I would use 0790 for the procedure.

However, the provider is using the OR (RC 0360) this is confusing to me as this is not a major thing.

Any help here would greatly appreciated!!!!