Wiki INR Billing

Most carriers (MCR also) consider these codes to be bundled (to previous E&M) and do not pay separately.

99211 can be used but appropriate documentation must accompany (e.g. counseling and/or exam etc). There have been a lot of CERT audits on 99211 so I recommend ensuring the proper documentation is in place.
Does anyone know what codes 99363 and 99364 are used for???

We use these codes when a patient has their PT drawn at an outside lab (not by us) and our Dr is managing the coumadin. We have a form created that our nurse completes, there are # of test requirements in particular # of days that must be completed.

we bill 99363 only after the 8th INR in a 90day period but not for Medicare then 99364 is used subsequent to that for every 3INR's done. these must be consequetive without Inpatient status if that happens you go back to square one again. We use the 99212, 85610 and 36416 because we have a COAG clinic in our group.

tracking this is a challenge though
So do you have a doctor in the clinic-is that why you bill 99212, rather than 99211?
We are an oncology/ hematology clinic. Within the next 5 years or so we will be building a comprehensive cancer center and the idea of a coag clinic within our facility is being considered. We are under the big umbrella of a hospital. Any comments on the finanacial benefit of doing it ourselves or letting the hospital set it up?
Now I have a MD who wants to use 99212...UGGGH.. First line on note states pt is well with no problems, Procedure PT INR, he then states he chkd the skin and pt is to remain at 5 mgs. He also proceeds to list all the medications that pt is on. OHHH what to do and how to explain that they can't do this....